Solving an unmet need and cultivating a community with a hallmark visual identity.

We help non-profits, mission-based organizations, foundations and think tanks transform passion into enduring support and purpose into performance.

Harvard Food Lab
Establishing Harvard's preeminence in food law policy, advocacy and impact
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Revitalizing the first community of Roman Catholic priests to originate in America
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Skid Row
Demonstrating how to trade life on the streets into permanent homes
Activating an iconic brand with the Olympic Games that inspired its origins
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Historic Core BID
Setting the stage for LA's most dynamic district
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Exploring new frontiers in ecosystem science and its impact
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Eric's Kids
Underscoring the singular value of quality education and supportive communities
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The Campaign for Justice
Advancing justice by appealing to attorneys
City of Santa Monica
Creating awareness and building consensus
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Upward Bound House
Advancing efforts to improve homelessness for mothers and children

Straight Talk on Branding

Brand Strategy
Starting With a Laugh: Marketing Innovation Through Comedy

Comedy is likely the most common trope in advertising. And why not? It grabs your attention.

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Identity Design
Logo Madness: Plagiarism, Personality and Simplicity

While “simplicity” and “cleanliness” may look slick on a webpage, it’s a brand’s personality that should be at the heart of a logo.

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Digital Media
Virtual Reality is a Real Marketing Opportunity

While once consigned to hardcore geeks and cheesy films like The Lawnmower Man, virtual reality has now become a legitimate hot topic.

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Corporate Culture
The Parable of a Party

Many folks now conflate, cool office = strong corporate culture. In reality, there is so much more to corporate culture than a hip office environment.

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