Think Twice Before Using an Acronym for a Name

Deposit Interest Retention Tax - that's what the Irish government formally named the tax levied on interest earned in bank accounts. In practice, the government and its taxpayers call it DIRT. It must be somewhat satisfying for Irish citizens to get to pass judgment on the tax every time they invoke its name, but somehow we don't think catharsis was what the Revenue Commission had in mind when they came up with this doozy. Rather, we think it's a case of monumentally bad naming. Pre

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Old City, New Identity

Cartagena de Indias was formally founded as a city on June 1st, 1533, but the area in and around what is now Colombia's 5th largest urban area has been inhabited since 7000 BC. 9000 years later, the City's Tourist Office and Spanish design firm CIAC have unveiled the city's new identity:

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Blackwater’s Brand Challenge Runs Deeper than a Name Change

If you read the paper, watch the news, or even scan the first few headlines on your iGoogle page's RSS feeds, you've heard of Blackwater; and you likely first came to know the firm amidst a firestorm of controversy surrounding its activities in Iraq. Sorry - you actually would have heard of Blackwater Worldwide - the organization "re-branded" to that new name in 2007, after 10 years as Blackwater USA. On Val

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