Apple Realizes the World is Becoming Flat

At yesterday’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the company unveiled laptops with longer-lasting batteries, high-powered desktops that look like sleek rubbish bins and evidence that the era of light flares and drop shadows may be mercifully coming to an end. Apple didn’t invent skeuomorphism but boy did they ever embrace it. Here’s a typical iOS 6 […]

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The Danger of Technology Code Names

We've just seen that Microsoft will be dropping the Metro name for its new UI in order to avoid a trademark dispute with one of its retail partners. Technology companies take note: if you're not going to think as hard about code names as you do about brand names, be ready to nip them in the bud. <img class="alignnone" title="The UI formerly known as Metro" src="htt

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Microsoft Competes on Price. Should You?

*this post has been edited Tastes Great or Less Filling? Spanking or Time-Outs? Republican or Democrat? These trifling debates pale in comparison to the single most important issue of our time: are you a Mac person or a PC person? If you're the former – or a highly sought-after Independent – Microsoft has launched a Do the Math website to see if you can be bought

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