What is Shared Purpose?

Shared Purpose is a clear definition of value that engages customers and enlists employees. It is, at its heart, a singular idea to engage employees and drive customer preference. It is simultaneously much simpler, yet so much more than snappy taglines or complex proprietary models. It tells the world not just what an organization does, but why this matters; convinces customers not just to buy, but to believe; and persuades employees not just to show up, but to step up.

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As organizations scale and become decentralized, it is increasingly difficult for a Shared Purpose to arise and exist organically. As a result, companies must use a variety of techniques to manage, direct and expand a Shared Purpose throughout their organizations. Our own system is inspired by the work of corporate culture pioneer Dr. Terrence Deal. We draw on six distinct levers across the organization to effectively align brand and culture around its Shared Purpose.

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Establishing priorities and inspiring employees to reach their highest potential
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Disseminating compelling and clear information to attract customers, galvanize organizational culture and activate the brand's Shared Purpose
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Developing significance in cultural hallmarks that serve as touchstones of the organization's Shared Purpose
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Rewards & Recognition

Catalyzing employee engagement and performance through incentives and public acknowledgement
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Creating the physical space of an organization to harmonize functional, emotional and self-expressive needs
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Establishing the systems and processes that form the framework for how the organization pursues its Shared Purpose
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Customer Experience (CX) isn’t an initiative. It’s an outcome of Employee Experience (EX).

Workplaces have never been more diverse. This heterogeneity brings a welcome and necessary diversity of skills, perspectives and dispositions that defy groupthink and yield more resilient results. Despite the vast range of differences, all employees, regardless of background, rank or tenure share at least one major thing in common: They have chosen to come to work each day for the same organization. Don't leave your employee brand experience to chance… learn how to harness diversity to build a stronger, more resilient organization.

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Why Do Employees Believe?
Why Do Customers Buy?
Why Do Good Businesses
Become Great Brands?
B + C = Why

Download our Shared Purpose Paper
Download our Shared Purpose Paper