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The English Language: Evolving, or Devolving?

Did you notice the error in this title? If you did, how much did it bother you? Language is changing. But is it degenerating? Or is it simply shedding antiquated encumbrances? • It’s vs. Its • Your vs. You’re • Their vs. They’re • The subjunctive voice Language is becoming more relaxed. IM’s, SMS’s, Facebook, blogs, wikis – they’re profoundly influencing how we read, write, speak,

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Ask Not What YouTube Can Do For You

In this election year, the new media are emerging not just as democratic, but also as Democractic -- in the capital D sense. The Obama campaign is using the internet as a resource like no other candidate has done before. These days, getting elected is a matter of knowing not only how to market a candidate but where: the medium matters. Barack “Scarlett Johansson loves me” Obama and his supporters are reaching out

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Hi, My Name Is…From Babies to Brands, Titles Matter

Juliet Capulet was onto something when she wondered aloud, “What’s in a name?” We say: plenty. Sure, the thirteen-year-old was lamenting that her surname kept her from being with her beloved Romeo, but the right name is without a doubt one of the most important – or at least public -- elements of building a successful brand. Recently, we’ve been thinking a lot about monikers, not only as a strategic branding tool but also because one of our own team members is awaiting the arrival

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Naming and the New Internet: The Demise of the Squatter?

If you’ve ever been responsible for naming a company or product, you’ve likely: 1. Brainstormed until your brain could storm no more, 2. Selected the perfect name, 3. Checked to see if the URL was available, 4. Promptly returned to step 1. A recent decision by ICANN, the organization that regulates the internet, could change all that, but will it be for better, or worse? The first of two pro

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That’s the (Intrapreneurial) Spirit: Pet Projects that Blew Up

Good news for anyone who has ever been busted by the boss for working on something not explicitly “work-related” in the office: although you may have been deemed a shirking slacker before, you may have earned yourself the new, swanky title of intrapreneur. A growing number of companies are encouraging, and even requiring, their employees to engage in what the W.L. Gore company (producer of Gore-Tex) calls

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Is the Whole Foods Brand Losing its Mojo?

John Mackey, the legendarily combative CEO of Whole Foods Markets (NASDAQ: WFMI) is back. Back to blogging, that is after an 11-month self-imposed hiatus while the SEC considered whether his two thousand + Yahoo! posts under the anagram “rahodeb” (borrowed from his wife Deborah Morin) violated securities regulations. Equal parts enfant terrible and éminence grise, Mr. Mackey seems surprised by all

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