Driving Brand Awareness and Engagement with Strategic Public Relations Campaigns


Understanding the Importance of Public Relations

In the past, running a successful public relations campaign largely consisted of sending media kits, distributing press releases and conducting by-phone or by-mail media outreach. While still important components of public relations, today’s digital world demands new creative strategies.

The online and digital platforms that now dominate have shifted the public relations landscape dramatically over the past 10-15 years, requiring more thoughtful digital and social elements to reach company goals. Three core components differentiate the new age of public relations from a traditional PR approach: (1) the creation of valuable susbtance, (2) the art of pitch creation and outreach and (3) social media engagement.

At BrandCulture, we wed traditional programs with bespoke content creation and social media savvy to achieve outstanding results: greater awareness, more qualified leads and increased sales.

Creating Valuable Content in a Saturated Market

Content is king for both brand creation and public relations execution. Our brand development process involves establishing a clear value proposition for each brand and creating focused messaging that communicates our clients’ credible points of differentiation to diverse audiences across a variety of mediums. Only after we have something to say do we pursue formal public relations campaigns to get the word out. But the world is awash with content—much of it pabulum and drivel, not worth the power its pixels consume. Journalists, bloggers and other potential external audiences require standout content that’s actually valuable to capture their attention. Unlike many public relations firms, we work diligently to ensure that every communication aligns with the organization’s brand promise before we distribute it across the appropriate digital, social and traditional channels.

The Art of Pitch Creation and Media Outreach

Successful pitches remain at the core of every successful public relations campaign. Creating a pitch takes finesse, persistence and thoughtfulness. With bloggers rising in stature as influential reporters of the digital sphere, and all reporters/writers having specific niches of the topics that they cover, PR professionals must know their respective interests cold and craft pitches that are groomed specifically for each influencer and publication. Long gone are the days when blasting a pitch to hundreds of media outlets garnered feedback and stories. Today, PR requires relentless follow up on social channels, email and, yes, even by phone.

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Engaging the Right Publications and Supporting Engagement Through Social Media Engagement

The relationships between PR professionals and media outlets today are unrecognizable from the heyday of newsprint and buying ink by the barrel. BrandCulture nurtures long-standing relationships with key journalists, bloggers and stakeholders—both on and offline—to provide them with thoughtful content that benefits both their publications and our clients to sustain third party credibility critical to a company’s success.

Dissemination of content starts with routine company and product announcements, attendance at industry events and extends to winning an acclaimed award, customer testimonials, partnerships with outside vendors and influencers…and beyond.

After analyzing a company’s position in the marketplace and defining its key target audiences and messages, we engineer a list of outlets, reporters, bloggers and influencers to maximize visibility among the people that matter most. Regardless of the success of media outreach, it remains incomplete without social media support to further engage the public in the company’s story and message. Increasingly, journalists and reporters turn to social media first to garner story ideas and to make initial contact with companies and/or PR professionals. For this reason, PR professionals must stay abreast of industry news and disseminate these news stories via company social channels—as well as a company blog, if appropriate—using relevant hashtags and other SEO, along with identification tactics to rise to the top when reporters (and everybody else) search for these stories.

BrandCulture’s Public Relations Capabilities

To create buzz and differentiate a company’s message in a saturated marketplace, many different public outreach, education and visibility tactics need to work together to bolster awareness and assure the success of your campaign.

At BrandCulture, we consider a cross-disciplinary blend of any (or all) of the following in our preparation and execution of personalized public relations campaigns:

  • A comprehensive media relations plan targeting key consumer and/or industry-related outlets;
  • Grass-roots community outreach;
  • Key influencer identification and engagement;
  • Industry conferences and recognition through nomination and securing relevant industry awards;
  • Crisis management plan development and implementation (when applicable);
  • Content development for social media and other online media;
  • Reputation management; and
  • Executive positioning and thought leadership
  • We would love the opportunity to discuss how a brand-driven public relations plan can help elevate your presence.
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