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Catalyzing C-Suite Performance and Collaboration

Business performance is driven by the performance of business leaders, and BrandCulture helps executive teams and individuals reach their full potential. Working in partnership with Decision Dynamics, a leadership consultancy with decades of experience advising enterprise clients all over the globe, BrandCulture’s leadership assessment and development services help executives create a culture of Shared Purpose, excellence and teamwork in the C-suite, and to spread that culture throughout the organization.

Uniquely Powerful Assessment Tools

As part of our leadership development services, BrandCulture leverages Decision Dynamics’ pioneering leadership assessment tools—the only tools that can discern both outwardly visible and private leadership styles, as well as the internal factors that motivate individual executives. Far from typical personality tests, these leadership assessment tools use real-world scenarios to analyze approaches to business decision-making. These tools provide our clients with specific insight into their team’s individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, and uncover the root causes of dysfunctions that may create barriers to success.

Driving Individual and Team Performance

Based on the insights uncovered by the assessment process, BrandCulture and Decision Dynamics provide clients with a roadmap for catalyzing individual and team performance. By gaining a deep understanding of their specific leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses, executives can learn the flexibility to adopt alternate approaches that may better suit specific tasks or challenges. And with the same understanding of their colleagues’ approaches and motivations, our clients can overcome many of the typical frictions that hold teams back from reaching their full potential. Our expert practitioners work one-on-one and with groups to help leaders and their teams analyze their approaches to leadership, optimize their individual and collective decision-making and ignite their ability to drive business success.

Styles of Decision-Making


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