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Catalyzing C-Suite Performance and Collaboration Business performance is driven by the performance of business leaders, and BrandCulture helps executive teams and individuals reach their full potential. Working in partnership with Decision Dynamics, a leadership consultancy with decades of experience advising enterprise clients all over the globe, BrandCulture’s leadership assessment and development services help executives create […]

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Leaders In Charge, But Not Always In Touch

This week's Presidential inaugural festivities have quickly morphed into the daunting reality of governing. As he contemplated his assumption of office, President Obama repeatedly vowed that he is not going to let pressures and protocol deprive him from real, unscripted interactions with the American people. When interviewed by Barbara Walters last November, Mr. Obama noted that he was fighting to hang on to his Bl

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Lessons In O.D.: Getting Beyond Big Three Bullsh*t

We recently took UCLA professor of management Samuel Culbert to task for his article on the state of performance reviews, but we still think the foremost champion of “straight talk at work” has some ideas corporations can learn from. In particular, we think the Big Three’s execs would be wise to study up on Culbert’s magnum opus, Beyond Bullsh*t, which insists that doing away politeness

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