Great Destination Branding: Simple. Genuine. Bold.

As BrandCultureTalk has shouted to anyone within earshot, great brands are more than logos, taglines, slogans, and clever advertising copy.  Great brands assert ownership of an idea – a compelling, credible idea that drives preference and customer loyalty.  Great brands are relentless and consistent about bringing that idea to life, and at their best, employ bold gestures to reinforce their relevance. The same hol

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The Immaculate Conception of Virgin’s Successful Sub-brands

In lieu of an epic Arthurian poem, consider this blog our ode to Sir Richard Branson. 25 years after establishing his Virgin brand, Sir Richard seems pretty content – we’d be grinning too if we were in his position – but never complacent. And for that, we extol our man as a master of perpetually growing the Virgin brand, a tricky endeavor even for the most adept mogul-billionaire.

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This is No Time to Skimp on Service

Think of the last time you encountered an exceptional customer service experience.  It may have been a bank teller, a hotel concierge, or even a grocer who helped you locate the perfect produce. Unfortunately, if business analysts are to be believed, you may be clinging to that memory for some time. As companies look to scale back wherever possible, the cost of customer service reps is likely to come under close scrutiny. Ostensibly, it makes fiscal sense to cut service-related co

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Redefining Fine Dining: Travese City’s “Cooks’ House”

And now for something completely different... In recent years, the apogee of fine dining has been defined by chefs adroit at manipulating and transforming ingredients into virtually unrecognizable concoctions. The pioneering molecular gastronomy of Ferran Adria’s El Bulli. The Fat Duck under Heston Blumenthal, delivering on the assertion that “Preparing and serving food . . . [is] the mo

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