Corporate Responsibility

Aligning Philanthropy with Business and Brand Strategy

No corporate web presence would be complete without a section devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The world, of course, has no shortage of challenges. Happily, there are corporate eleemosynary outlets of almost infinite variety ranging from the currently fashionable like sustainability to the consistently intractable like disease and poverty. Often CSR simply involves giving […]

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Branding a Blatantly Bad Deal: Dollar Loan Center

When we set fingers to keyboard to excoriate First PREMIER Bank Platinum Mastercard for exorbitant fees and a 79.9% APR, we hoped it represented a low watermark for awful consumer credit offers. Unfortunately, we discovered a new ignominious winner: a 196.96% APR from Dollar Loan Center and <a title="Dollar Loan Center" href="http://www.don

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Dumb, Undifferentiated and Really Effective: Dawn Dish Soap Promotions

800 days ago we wrote, "looking and sounding different is not the be-all and end-all of branding." It appears that the marketing geniuses at P&G have been taking BrandCulture's admonishments to heart! The FMCG giant has traditionally advertised Dawn, the #1 dish detergent in the country, around differentiated, value-added features: Direct Foam, Direct Foam

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