Building an Authentic Brand: Walk the Talk, or Go Home

A former boss once asked me if I knew what the most important word in the English language was. “Perspicacity?” I offered keenly. “Persiflage?” He shook his head and with great sobriety said: “Authenticity.” I can think of other words that might be more important (love, defibrillator, and plunger come to mind), but since that day I’ve seen authenticity become a buzzword among branding agencies and their clients. It makes a lot of sense. Generation X is filling the “prime earning year

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Branding is Much More than Self-Promotion

A recent study reports that the average North American adult’s attention span for print ads is 1.8 seconds. One-point-eight seconds! That’s less time than it’s taken you to read these three sentences! Now you won’t find this study in a medical journal, as it was a qualitative research effort undertaken and guesstimated by yours truly, but marketing experts do agree that consumers have less patience for and more skepticism toward traditional advertising than ever before. So why are some companies

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