There should be logic behind logos

Most marketers, designers, and consultants understand that there’s far more to a brand than a logo, but that doesn’t mean that logos don’t matter. Your brand is the intersection between the promise you make to stakeholders, and the reputation (or lack thereof) you’ve earned in their minds. That reputation emanates from their interactions with your products, your prices, your offices, your stores, your staff, your partners, and anything else that is associated with you. And 99% of the time, thei

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When it doesn’t pay to advertise

With Republicans accusing Obama of buying the vote and the uproar over $150,000 wardrobes just subsiding, it’s a dangerous time for an expensive half-hour infomercial. While the Obama campaign has largely been a model of branding perfection, its occasional outsized confidence (Berlin? Greek Columns? Thoughts of delaying the Phillies’ victory when Pennsylvania is a game-changer?) may have limited its success in closing the deal with the moderate middle. Can Obama’s messag

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In search of a brand: Zipcar’s dilemma

There are a few meta-brands that can be many things to many people (Coca Cola and McDonalds, for example), but the vast majority of brands can’t, and too many die trying. We submit that this is a lesson that every organization needs to learn, including a company we’re keeping an eye on: Zipcar. In today’s economically uncertain, environmentally conscious times, Zipcar is a company whose time may have arrived. For $50 a year, you

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Acquisitions and branding: Merrill in Peril?

Let us begin with an understatement: The economy is in a bad way. No doubt you’re aware that one of the first casualties was Merrill Lynch, whose acquisition by Bank of America was just the first of several since. With our brains perpetually attuned to the branding and cultural implications of such events, we got to thinking about what the buyout means for Merrill’s culture and id

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Brands in Crisis: A Second Act for Financials

The transformation from financial high-flyer to defunct also-ran happens today with stunning speed. Decades of hard-won reputation disappear in days. Amid the sturm und drang accompanying the meltdown of Bear Stearns (b. 1923), the Federal conservatorship of Fannie Mae (b. 1968) (NYSE: FNM) and Freddie Mac (b. 1970) (NYSE: FRE), and most recently the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros. (b.1850) and the $85 billion bailout of AIG (b.1919) (NYSE: AIG) breaking headlines, what happens to all of these financ

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Building Brand Equity: Think Orchestration, not Fragmentation

A tweet does not a brand make. Well, maybe it does if you’re a high school student trying to create a personal ‘brand’ for the consumption of your fellow math club members. But not if you’re a business or organization interested in establishing and nurturing its brand. There’s more and more talk these days about the opportunities that blogs, podcasts, and YouTube afford any Tom, Dick, or Sarah to

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