Kumon Logo Strikes Precisely the Right Note of Misery

Our last post on the fuzzy math of social media got us thinking of . . . the 3Rs, back to school, and more precisely, back to school performance!  In the race to ever greater achievement, never have a circle, two dots and a line struck as much trepidation in students and concomitant delight in ambitious parents than the "<a title="Kumon Logo Explanation" href="http://www.kumongr

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A New Brand Identity for Spanish Airports

With little fanfare and without so much as a web page explaining what's going on, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegacion Aerea (its friends call it Aena) has launched aena aeropuertos – a new organization with a new identity that millions of travelers a year will be exposed to. It's blue, it's burgundy, it

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Microsoft Competes on Price. Should You?

*this post has been edited Tastes Great or Less Filling? Spanking or Time-Outs? Republican or Democrat? These trifling debates pale in comparison to the single most important issue of our time: are you a Mac person or a PC person? If you're the former – or a highly sought-after Independent – Microsoft has launched a Do the Math website to see if you can be bought

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