Rational, emotional and self expressive benefits and a little magic = brand strategy.

Sometimes the conventional wisdom — no matter how fervently believed or widely accepted — deserves to be reconsidered in a new light. There is no shortage of perspectives on brand strategy, but when all the pundits agree, it’s time for a second opinion.

Kumon Logo Strikes Precisely the Right Note of Misery

Our last post on the fuzzy math of social media got us thinking of . . . the 3Rs, back to school, and more precisely, back to school performance!  In the race to ever greater achievement, never have a circle, two dots and a line struck as much trepidation in students and concomitant delight in ambitious parents than the "<a title="Kumon Logo Explanation" href="http://www.kumongr

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Big Brands Check In with Foursquare

Ever wish you were more aware of the incredible things around you?  Millions have answered this rhetorical question posed by location-based social media Wunderkind Foursquare, with an enthusiastic "Yes!" and have "unlocked their worlds" to earn points, props and perks by publicizing where in the world they are — also known as "check-ins."  And where the people are, brands will follow. <a href="https://brandculture.com/blog/wp-content/up

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Think Twice Before Using an Acronym for a Name

Deposit Interest Retention Tax - that's what the Irish government formally named the tax levied on interest earned in bank accounts. In practice, the government and its taxpayers call it DIRT. It must be somewhat satisfying for Irish citizens to get to pass judgment on the tax every time they invoke its name, but somehow we don't think catharsis was what the Revenue Commission had in mind when they came up with this doozy. Rather, we think it's a case of monumentally bad naming. Pre

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