Rational, emotional and self expressive benefits and a little magic = brand strategy.

Sometimes the conventional wisdom — no matter how fervently believed or widely accepted — deserves to be reconsidered in a new light. There is no shortage of perspectives on brand strategy, but when all the pundits agree, it’s time for a second opinion.

Calling B.S. Part 4: Storytelling

Once upon a time, people worked in a wide variety of noble occupations. Recently, however, lots of folks across all different sorts of professions have come to insist their work as fiduciaries, architects, roller coaster designers, contractors, doctors and marketers can be subsumed under a single meta-description: “storyteller.” Under this banner, architects are storytellers who simply […]

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Calling B.S. Part 2: Innovation

Who wants to be innovative? Evidently everybody. But parroting the word “innovation” is quite different than actually innovating. Just as every parent wants to think his or her progeny is above average, not everyone can live in Lake Wobegon. Despite the consistent claim of innovation, the spectrum of innovation of course varies across companies—and that’s […]

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Calling B.S. Part 1: Authenticity

Back in 2008, we wrote with some alarm about how the assertion of “authenticity” had taken firm root in the lexicon of branding. Over the ensuing seven years, the word has enjoyed the reproductive fecundity of the Oryctolagus cuniculus. There are now, by our rough estimate 184,597,433,860 references to authenticity used to brand products and services. […]

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Calling BS

BrandCulture’s Unconventional Thoughts on the Conventional Wisdom We don’t stand on ceremony, celebrate conventional wisdom or honor sacred cows. We go at them head on. If you’ve ever heard a bit of branding lingo and thought, “hey, that sounds like BS,” this series is for you. We’re here to clear away the BS in order to […]

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Driving Brand Awareness and Engagement with Strategic Public Relations Campaigns

Understanding the Importance of Public Relations In the past, running a successful public relations campaign largely consisted of sending media kits, distributing press releases and conducting by-phone or by-mail media outreach. While still important components of public relations, today’s digital world demands new creative strategies. The online and digital platforms that now dominate have shifted […]

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