Rational, emotional and self expressive benefits and a little magic = brand strategy.

Sometimes the conventional wisdom — no matter how fervently believed or widely accepted — deserves to be reconsidered in a new light. There is no shortage of perspectives on brand strategy, but when all the pundits agree, it’s time for a second opinion.

Calling B.S. Part 5: Purpose

Browse a bookstore (there are still a few yet extant) or surf Amazon and you might come to the conclusion that “purpose” is the both most important concept in the 21st century lexicon and that the finding of the same is the paramount objective for work and life. From books like The Purpose Driven Life to […]

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Calling B.S. Part 4: Storytelling

Once upon a time, people worked in a wide variety of noble occupations. Recently, however, lots of folks across all different sorts of professions have come to insist their work as fiduciaries, architects, roller coaster designers, contractors, doctors and marketers can be subsumed under a single meta-description: “storyteller.” Under this banner, architects are storytellers who simply […]

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