Rational, emotional and self expressive benefits and a little magic = brand strategy.

Sometimes the conventional wisdom — no matter how fervently believed or widely accepted — deserves to be reconsidered in a new light. There is no shortage of perspectives on brand strategy, but when all the pundits agree, it’s time for a second opinion.

This is No Time to Skimp on Service

Think of the last time you encountered an exceptional customer service experience.  It may have been a bank teller, a hotel concierge, or even a grocer who helped you locate the perfect produce. Unfortunately, if business analysts are to be believed, you may be clinging to that memory for some time. As companies look to scale back wherever possible, the cost of customer service reps is likely to come under close scrutiny. Ostensibly, it makes fiscal sense to cut service-related co

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A (Religious) Brand Experience: The Science of Brand Devotion

If you’ve ever encountered eye-rolling at your assertion that shopping is a religious experience, you may now revel in vindication. In his new book Buyology, Martin Lindstrom explains that the neural region that governs buying habits and brand allegiance is the very spot that lights up in response to religious iconography. Lindstrom elaborates that it is the act of partaking in rituals surrounding certain

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Is the Whole Foods Brand Losing its Mojo?

John Mackey, the legendarily combative CEO of Whole Foods Markets (NASDAQ: WFMI) is back. Back to blogging, that is after an 11-month self-imposed hiatus while the SEC considered whether his two thousand + Yahoo! posts under the anagram “rahodeb” (borrowed from his wife Deborah Morin) violated securities regulations. Equal parts enfant terrible and éminence grise, Mr. Mackey seems surprised by all

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Branding is Much More than Self-Promotion

A recent study reports that the average North American adult’s attention span for print ads is 1.8 seconds. One-point-eight seconds! That’s less time than it’s taken you to read these three sentences! Now you won’t find this study in a medical journal, as it was a qualitative research effort undertaken and guesstimated by yours truly, but marketing experts do agree that consumers have less patience for and more skepticism toward traditional advertising than ever before. So why are some companies

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