Brand and Organization in Concert in Ireland


Our man in Europe sends this report (the first of many, we hope): at least one EU concern appears (claims?) to get the link between branding and organizational development.

Take a look at this out-of-home ad for eMobile, Ireland’s newest mobile provider:

First of all, we’re digging the white space. The lack of eye-candy is what caught our eye immediately.

But we’re also loving the harmony among presentation, content and operations. The eMobile brand’s raison d’être is to make things less complicated for their mobile customers. This, from their website:

At eMobile we take the hassle out of choosing and using mobile products and services.

To that end, they’ve designed a simple, compelling advert. And even more importantly, they’ve created a Director of Simplicity position. Now, we don’t yet know what Mark’s brief is, or whether he wields the power to carry it out, but we’re encouraged on four fronts:

1. The brand is differentiated – it stands in clear contrast to eircom’s other mobile venture, Meteor. Compare the eMobile home page with that of Meteor (interestingly both providers were launched by the same company, Irish telco Eircom).

2. The brand promise is compelling. Maybe we’re just getting old, but does anyone else who’s not locked into AT&T find it difficult to choose among minute, text and data options?

3. We’re hoping it’s not purely a marketing construct, but if they’ve got a Director of Simplicity, they may actually intend to deliver on their promise, and use organizational development to inspire action – not just billboards. Our ardent followers know that we’re positively tickled pink at the prospect.

4. And last but not least, did we mention? We LOVE the white space.

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  • Kathryn
    Oct 21, 2010

    Takes me back to the hilarious “if Microsoft designed the Ipod packaging” parody from a few years ago.
    (Here, I think

  • Some really good creative and some very interesting print ideas including half brioadsheet pages which I havent seen done in Ireland before. It will be interesting to see what kind of cut through this campaign has. All that said e-Mobile is not a great brand name in my opinion.

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