Blackberry Falls Prey to Me-Too Syndrome



Here at BrandCulture we’ve got a love/hate relationship with the Blackberry brand. Love the logo’s use of negative space to turn B’s into blackberries, as well as its suitability as a favicon.

Hate the name, which we believe is a success despite its complete lack of relevant meaning. And Blackberry’s new marketing campaign, built on the idea of Love itself, falls squarely in the ‘hate’ category too.

Here’s why, in terms so simple even Al and Laura Ries would embrace them: iPhone = Love; Blackberry = Work

Okay – it’s not quite that simple, but what we basically mean is that iPhone is the brand associated with fun, touchy-feely, we don’t need no stinkin’ discounts, unconditional agape , and Blackberry has the market cornered on accessibility, utility, productivity and value.* But instead of capitalizing on a position of strength, Research In Motion is trying to fight their main competitor on that competitor’s own turf – never an easy task, always an expensive one and in the case of Blackberry a decidedly inauthentic effort.

Some people truly, hopelessly, romantically love their Kitchen Aid’s, their Air Jordans and their Camaros. Many other people purchase, prefer and are extremely loyal to – but do not love – their Osters, their Rockports and their Altimas. Blackberry falls into the latter camp, and it would avoid confusion and save marketing dollars by realizing that.

What’s next Blackberry – white earbud headphones included with the next model of Storm?

*We don’t have quantitative data to back this assertion up, but when’s the last time you saw people camped around the block to buy a Blackberry?

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