Creating Face-to-Face
Interactions that Matter

The Human
Element Gone
Human-to-human connection remains essential for organizations to bring ideas to life, forge common ground and deepen relationships. But how can organizations build and keep connection and community in a Covid world when in-person events are limited?

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The Power of
What do we lose when we lose face-to-face interactions? Non-verbal communication like body language and facial expressions can easily escape notice in the virtual world.

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Impactful Activations for Trade Shows
Aligned with your broader marketing strategy, our events resonate in the minds of attendees long after the event itself. BrandCulture and Brilliant are uniquely positioned to facilitate success for organizations participating at some of the world’s most important trade shows.

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Meetings and Events That Build Bonds
Within an organization, a stand-out in-person communicative event can be crucial to organizational change and forging shared purpose. A well-run weekly meeting; a thoughtful, enjoyable holiday company celebration; or an annual franchise, channel partner or sales meeting create unparalleled connection opportunities.

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Experiences That Bring Your Brand to Life
Along with our partner Brilliant, we create memorable, impactful events and accompanying content for organizations such as Euro Disney, Samsung, Microsoft, Xbox, Mercedes Benz and the Coca-Cola Company.

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Content for Lead
BrandCulture specializes in messaging strategy, information & graphic design, sales collateral systems, exhibit design, and film and video for events and conferences. We also have focused expertise in lead generation before and during events.

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