Customer Experience (CX) begins with Employee Experience (EX)

Innovation Across the Employee Journey
It is a journey from recruitment, selection and orientation to development and sustainment. Through Design Thinking-led Employee Experience (EX) Journey Mapping, we systematically visualize, assess and raise strategic questions that ultimately uncover and pinpoint promising opportunities.
A 1.5 Day Employee Experience (EX) Sprint
BrandCulture’s Employee Experience (EX) Sprint engages diverse individuals across functional roles as participants to examine, imagine and discover opportunities to innovate your organization from within.
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Revitalized Guest and Crew Experience Through Shared Purpose
BrandCulture worked with Princess Cruises to revitalize their CRUISE training, rewards and recognition program. With a new set of priorities and a modern, professional new look, CRUISE works with the company’s Shared Purpose to help employees deliver a hallmark guest experience available nowhere else.
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Align Your Brand and Culture
As companies grow and become more decentralized they must use a variety of techniques to manage, direct and expand Shared Purpose throughout their organizations. BrandCulture uses the Culture Framework, six distinct influence channels across the organization, to align brand and culture around its Shared Purpose.
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Employee Brand Experience: An Extension of Shared Purpose
Everyday employees lend their time and talent to organizations to allow them to thrive and win in the globally competitive marketplace. But too often even smaller organizations fail to invest the time and thought to clearly define what they have come together to accomplish — their Shared Purpose — and the employee experience they want to create. Aligning both Employee Brand Experience and Shared Purpose helps build organizations that are stronger, more resilient and more enduring.
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