Wolfgang Puck

Corporate Catering Redefined

Wolfgang Puck Catering is best known for high-profile assignments like serving 1,600 guests each year at the Governor’s Ball following the Oscar® ceremony. The bulk of their $150 million in annual revenue comes from extensive operations from corporate meetings to private events at leading cultural institutions throughout the United States including the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, the Georgia Aquarium, the Newseum in Washington, D.C. and a score of others.

We helped create a campaign concept for the Wolfgang Puck Catering group to position themselves as the go-to catering and location choice for early-stage technology company meetings.

BrandCulture took a fresh look at their corporate meeting packages and developed BYTE. Our modern take on the idea of "The Unmeeting" was supported by eye-catching collateral through digital support like the BYTE app concept and in-room meeting essentials ideal for entrepreneurs and technology innovators.

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