Princess Cruises

Building the Shared Purpose

For more than 50 years, Princess Cruises has earned a reputation for service excellence, and with a 17- ship and growing fleet, Princess has become one of the largest and most celebrated premier cruise lines in the world. Princess Cruises has used its CRUISE Program to educate and motivate employees to deliver the company’s hallmark friendly, personalized service. But great service has become the rule rather than the exception across hospitality. Guests now seek experiences that go beyond a genuine smile or a warm welcome greeting. Senior Leadership also recognized that over time the program became complicated by shifting priorities and lost its original focus.

BrandCulture revitalized the program with a new set of priorities and a modern, professional new look along with articulating the company’s Shared Purpose in clear, convincing language.

Learn their Shared Purpose
“To share our world, share our hearts and create lasting memories.”

Listen to the anthem that encompasses the Princess Cruises spirit

CRUISE Animation
Real crew and guest moments shown through fun animation

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