A Powerful Coalition with a Statewide Mission

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (PIN) is a public- private initiative among the state of Georgia, Georgia Tech and the state’s leading companies and organizations. BrandCulture positioned the brand around its mission of fostering inclusive innovation, creating opportunity in historically underserved communities and advancing shared economic success throughout all of Georgia.

Inspired by the “P” in “partnership” and the “IN” in both “inclusive” and “innovation,” we created a new identity symbol, “PIN,” along with a lively and optimistic visual language and bright color system inspired by the state of Georgia. We debuted the verbal and visual identity in PIN’s content strategy, including its website, social media presence and email communications.

BrandCulture extended the brand in a packaging system inspired by Georgia’s iconic peach boxes to house clothing and branded promotional items and also produced an engaging video celebrating the success of sponsored programs to increase awareness and understanding of the partnership’s essential work.

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