Grounded in simplicity

The Ecoss identity system consists of a wordmark logotype and accompanying visual vocabulary. Apart from the straight lines that compose the initial “E” letterform, the wordmark consists entirely of rounded letterforms that mimic the shapes found in many natural systems. We have grounded the identity in simplicity with the realization that the ambit of the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society at Northern Arizona University's influence and impact is so broad that it is impossible to embed representation of the full range of activities within the logo. The four colors of the Ecoss visual vocabulary system are inspired by nature, but they are not intended to be literal representations of particular natural colors. This affords additional flexibility to the system to use the colors in to create visually arresting images across the full range of the center’s activities.

The photography features images from the natural world, but deploys these common natural elements in unexpected ways through the transforming power of magnification, cropping and color washes using the system’s color palette.

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