Decision Research

Uncommon Customer Commitment

For nearly half a century, Decision Research Corporation (DRC) has developed and implemented innovative software and technology solutions for insurers of all sizes.

In addition to developing DRC’s Shared Purpose, BrandCulture created a visual language that leverages visually arresting images from marine life indigenous to its Hawaiian headquarters. We extended this system to digital tools including an explainer video animation demonstrating the efficacy and impact of DRC’s flagship software solutions.

A Culture That Lives Aloha and Practices Pono
DRC’s organizational values reflect traditions unique to the Hawaiian islands, including the concepts of welcome and balance.

To help instill the DRC Shared Purpose and culture across the company, we created a Culture Book and digital tools to help instill and inculcate a culture unique to the insurance technology industry.

An environmental graphics system across DRC offices leverages the proprietary brand language and highlights customers throughout the world to reinforce the company’s global reach and impact.

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