Unleashing Big Data's Potential

Founded in 2011 by a dream team of MIT, Google and McKinsey alums, Mission Control Technologies’ enterprise data management technology was beginning to get real traction in the market.

Conduce offers the first immersive operational data visualization platform. Teams can see and interact with their data instantly using a single, intuitive interface. We helped craft a clear value proposition for Conduce that communicates not just what the technology can do, but how it can change the way leaders and teams work.

We positioned the brand around a powerful Shared Purpose, summed up in the call to action: “Unlock Your Data’s Power. Unleash Your Potential.”

How Conduce Connects You to Your Data
A single, intuitive interface to view all of your data

Illuminating Data Can Improve Healthcare
Review the state of your operations, actively monitor patients and more...

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