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BrandCulture’s Unconventional Thoughts on the Conventional Wisdom

We don’t stand on ceremony, celebrate conventional wisdom or honor sacred cows. We go at them head on. If you’ve ever heard a bit of branding lingo and thought, “hey, that sounds like BS,” this series is for you. We’re here to clear away the BS in order to build back up what really matters. No bull shall get past us.

Peruse cheers and jeers for the best, worst, oldest and very latest branding theory and practice… all with the assurance that every post here has passed our “Branding. Not Bull” promise.

Won’t you please join us and weigh in?

Calling BS Part 1 – Authenticity

Calling BS Part 2 – Innovation

Calling BS Part 3 – Design Thinking

Calling BS Part 4 – Storytelling

Calling BS Part 5 – Purpose

Corporate Culture
Black Friday = Good Marketing for REI

The major outdoor sporting goods brand REI made a somewhat strange announcement this week: they will be closed for the unofficial annual American celebration of consumerism on Black Friday.

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Brand Strategy, Social Media, Strategic Branding
Kiwis, Sheep and Ferns: A Pastiche of National Clichés Battle to Become New Zealand’s Flag 2.0

There’s an emerging trend to replace Procrustean national symbols with more sparkly versions of the same by means of a popular vote.

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Brand Strategy
Please Don’t Make Me Talk to People: What is Fueling the Services to Get Us to Talk to Each Other Less?

Everywhere you look, there seems to be a new product or service designed to get people to talk to each other less.

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Culture, industry
How Are We Supposed to Make Money on the Internet Now?

For most, the release of Apple’s iOS9 was a welcome development.

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